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Computational logic involves the combination of computation and logic using, for example, logic programming techniques such as Prolog.

The ESPRIT Basic Research funded COMPULOG NET is a large European community of researchers consisting of more than 80 nodes in leading European universities and industries. Nodes are classified according to their role in the network or their size. In particular, there are coordinating nodes, regular nodes, associate nodes, industrial nodes and members that are usually attached to some node.

This document contains information on the European ESPRIT Basic Research COMPULOG NET Network of Excellence (NoE), concerned with the area of Computational Logic, which is available on the World Wide Web (WWW or W3), the global hypermedia system providing worldwide information. In particular, an anonymous FTP archive on COMPULOG is provided at the Department of Computer Science, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

Contact details[]

To join or leave the COMPULOG NET electronic mailing list, please email with your contact details. To submit articles, letters, events, etc., to the editorial board of the COMPULOG official newsletter Computational Logic, please email The Editor in Chief is Antonios C. Kakas, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, who can be contacted on

If you are interested in joining the COMPULOG NET, to become a new node or member, please email Paola Mello at DEIS, University of Bologna on Please include the following information:

  • Name, address and institution
  • Type of institution (e.g., Industry, Research Center, University, etc.)
  • Researchers involved (please specify position)
  • Areas of research
  • Description of research activities
  • Recent publications and products
  • Participartion in internation projects
  • Cooperating nodes of the network
  • Contact person

For general information and enquiries about the network, please contact the Coordinator of the network, David Pearce at DFKI on

List of Node Sites[]

The following have a directory in the central FTP site at Leuven. A link to the FTP directory together with further direct World Wide Web (WWW) links if available is provided for each site.

The following nodes have no directory at the central FTP site, but have direct WWW links:

The following European network is associated with COMPULOG:

  • SOL: Human Capital and Mobility network SOL (Solving constraints over naturals, integers and finite domains)

The nodes in SOL are: INRIA-Nancy (coordinator), LRI (Orsay, Univ. Paris XI), ECRC (München), UNL (Lisboa), and LIACC (Porto).

The contents of the central directories linked above is determined and maintained by some person responsible at the corresponding node of the COMPULOG NET. It may include some general information about the node (address, person to contact, list of active researchers, descrip- tion of main research topics), a list of publications by the researchers of the node, abstracts of the publications, etc. The information is stored in free format.

Other information[]

The ESPRIT Basic Research funded COMPULOG 2 project (no. 6810).

See also general information on logic programming and Artificial Intelligence in the WWW Virtual Library. The ESPRIT ProCoS family of projects and Working Group on Provably Correct Systems may be of interest.

COMPULOG was coordinated by David Pearce.

This information was collated by Jonathan Bowen.
Last updated on 7 April 2009.
Further information for possible inclusion is welcome.