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I have created a new Formal Methods Wiki under . This includes new versions of the Virtual Library formal methods (VLfm) pages, that are unfortunately now offline due to a disk error. These pages are now editable by anyone, so I am hoping that members of the formal methods community will improve these and bring them up to date, as well as adding new formal methods-related material.

The facility is based on Wikia, established by Jimmy Wales who also founded Wikipedia. The underlying wiki software is MediaWiki, the same as Wikipedia. I would encourage all members of the formal methods community to contribute any information related to formal methods to the wiki, including hyperlinks to further information. It is best although not essential to register with the site if you plan to do more that a small number of edits. This is very simple (similar to Wikipedia). If you are unsure of the MediaWiki markup, it is easiest to press the "Edit" button on a page that is similar to one you wish to create, copy the text, paste it into the new page, and edit it as required.

I hope this facility is helpful. Please don't worry about making mistakes since everything is easily correctable on a wiki; I will keep an eye on new entries and edit further as needed. I look forward to your active participation on the site!

Prof. Jonathan P. Bowen, Emeritus Professor, London South Bank University
Faculty of BCIM, Borough Road, London SE1 0AA, UK
Visiting Professor, King's College London

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