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Formal Specification and Documentation using Z:
A Case Study Approach

By Prof. Jonathan Bowen
Centre for Applied Formal Methods, London South Bank University

International Thomson Computer Press (ITCP)
Thomson Publishing

ISBN 1850322309 (order from Amazon USA or Amazon UK).
Paperbound. Originally published 1996. xvii+302 pages.


The following is available online:

Note: This book and the associated material may be used freely for educational not-for-profit purposes.


ISBN 1-85032-230-9. Now out of print, but available online.

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The Computer Journal, 39(7):643, 1996.

Finally, we have a textbook that presents the application of formal methods through a series of non-trivial case studies. In this volume, Bowen presents applications that range from network services to a text editor to rasterop functions and the X window system. These studies are used to illustrate Bowen's key argument that formal methods provide powerful tools for documenting the design of complex systems.


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