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High-Integrity System Specification and Design

Jonathan P. Bowen & Michael G. Hinchey

Springer-Verlag London

(Published April 1999)

Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology series (FACIT)
Series Editor: Professor S.A. Schuman, University of Surrey, UK
ISBN 3-540-76226-4



High-Integrity System Specification and Design, Jonathan P. Bowen and Michael G. Hinchey Published by Springer-Verlag London Ltd, April 1999. Price: £65.00 (UK pounds). Pages: xviii+701.

This volume provides an introduction to computer-based system specification and design, paying particular attention to structured and formal methods, method integration, concurrency and safety-critical systems. The book consists of both original material and reprints of classic papers in the field of system specification and design.

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This volume provides the reader with a comprehensive introduction to system specification an d design methods, with particular emphasis on structured and formal methods, method integration, concurrency and safety-critical systems. It contains new material by Jonathan Bowen and Michael Hinchey, along with reprints of classic articles on high-integrity systems which have never bef ore appeared in a single volume. Among these classic articles are contributions from such leading names as Leslie Lamport, Nancy Leveson and C.A.R. Hoare.

High-Integrity System Specification and Design provides practitioners and researchers with convenient access to a range of essential essays — both classic and state-of-the-art — in a single volume. It will provide them with details of specification and design approaches for this type of system, an overview of the development process, and evidence of how various classes of high-integrity system may be approached and developed successfully.

The volume is also available from the IEEE Computer Society Press.

Table of contents[]



  1. Specification and Design
  2. Structured Methods
  3. Formal Methods
  4. Object-Orientation
  5. Concurrent and Distributed Systems
  6. Real-Time and Safety-Critical Systems
  7. Integrating Methods
  8. Implementation
  9. CASE




See Preface, Table of Contents, etc. in PDF format (284Kbytes).

List of reprints[]

The following papers are included:

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