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Industrial-Strength Formal Methods in Practice

Edited by Mike Hinchey and Jonathan Bowen

Springer-Verlag, London

Published September 1999

Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology series (FACIT)

Series Editor: Professor S.A. Schuman, University of Surrey, UK

ISBN 1-85233-640-4, pages: 416, price: UK £37.50.
Available from Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

This unique book concentrates specifically on industrial applications. The authors provide hands-on experience and guidance for those who need to apply formal methods successfully in this context. Each chapter is written by an expert in software engineering or formal methods, and contains background information, introductions to the techniques being used, actual fragments of formalized components, details of results and an analysis of the overall approach. It provides specific details on how to produce high-quality software that comes in on time and within budget.

This book was launched at the ProCoS session on 22 September 1999 during the FM'99 World Congress on Formal Methods.

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It's Greek to Me: Method in the Madness?

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