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Please contact Jonathan Bowen if you know of relevant online information not included here. Use the comp.lang.prolog newsgroup for queries related to logic programming in general and Prolog in particular.

This document contains some pointers to information on Logic Programming available around the world on the World Wide Web.

! indicates new entries. * indicates a (subjectively!) recommended link for especially good on-line information. If enough people email me, I will add a star to entries recommended by others.

General repositories[]

Programming with Constraints: An Introduction, Kim Marriott and Peter J. Stuckey The MIT Press, 1998. ISBN 0-262-13341-5.
See author information including program examples and course material.


Prolog is the most generally used logic programming language. comp.lang.prolog (also via Google) provides a forum for discussion. See the associated information on *Frequently Asked Questions.

The following may be of interest:

* Sources for Prolog and other related logic programming systems including constraint and parallel Prolog system implementations are available.

For multiple platforms:

For Unix systems:

For PC:

For the Apple Macintosh:

See also:

Window system interfaces (mainly X-Windows)[]

Other logic programming systems[]

  • &-Prolog, And-parallel Prolog. Source available. Contact
  • ACE, And-Or-parallel Prolog. Contact and/or (!) For papers/reports, contact
  • Actor Prolog, an object-oriented Prolog (information in Russian).
  • ALF (Algebraic Logic Functional language), an integrated functional logic language based on narrowing/rewriting. Email: (Michael Hanus).
  • Andorra-I, an Or- and (deterministic) and-parallel Prolog. Source available.
  • Aurora, Or-parallel Prolog. Source available.
  • CLP(BNR) and CLP(RI) compilers from Applied Logic Systems, Inc.
  • clp(FD), a constraint logic programming language for Finite Domains from INRIA, France (see README file for installation details).
  • clp(FD,S), a generic language for semiring-based constraint solving.
  • CLP(R), available by email request from Joxan Jaffar on A Constraint Logic Programming language, for academic and research purposes only.
  • cu-Prolog, a constraint logic programming language from ICOT Free Software (Japan) for use under Unix. Second sourced at SICS (Sweden), GMD (Germany) and Univ. of Oregon (USA). Email to join the mailing list.
  • ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System.
  • Elf constraint logic programming language based on the LF Logical Framework.
  • Fish, a logic programmer's shell available under the GNU general public licence.
  • Flang (Functional-Logic Programming Language), Russia.
  • Gödel logic programming language.
  • KLIC, a language system of the concurrent logic programming language KL1 (version 1.410) for Unix-based computers from ICOT Free Software (Japan). Second sourced at SICS (Sweden), GMD (Germany) and Univ. of Oregon (USA).
  • lambda Prolog, an extension to Prolog including higher-order programming, polymorphic types, modules, abstract datatypes, and direct support for lambda-terms.
  • LeanTaP, a small theorem prover written in SICStus Prolog.
  • Logtalk, an extension for Object-Oriented Programming in Prolog.
  • LIFE (Logic, Inheritance, Functions, and Equations), an experimental programming language.
  • MALI logic programming language, INRIA, France. Contact to join the mailing list. Mercury, a pure logic programming language designed for the development of efficient and robust real-world applications, based on strong types and modes.
  • Mixtus, an automatic partial evaluator for full Prolog.
  • MONA, a logic-based programming language and tool that translates programs (or formulas) to finite-state automata.
  • Muse, Or-parallel Prolog. Source available. Contact
  • Oz System for constraint programming from the DFKI Programming Systems Lab, including a logic sublanguage.
  • Progol, an ILP system.
  • RELFUN extends Horn logic by higher-order syntax, first-class finite domains, and eager expressions of non-deterministic, non-ground functions, explicitly distinguished from structures.
  • SAMPLE AI language.
  • XSB, system with OLDT-resolution and HiLog capability. Compiler for Linux, Sun, Sparc, and NeXT. Email:

See also:



Related information[]

Search for logic programming and Prolog from Google.

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