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PRECC — A PREttier Compiler-Compiler

Peter Breuer and Jonathan Bowen

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PRECC eXtended is an infinite-lookahead compiler-compiler for context dependent grammars developed during and after the ESPRIT II REDO project. The generated code is ANSI C. Specification scripts are in very extended BNF with inherited and synthetic attributes allowed. Scripts can be compiled in separate modules, and linked together later. Meta-production rules are allowed. The technology is essentially LL(oo) with optimizations. A converter for {wp|yacc}} scripts is available.

News concerning PRECC is issued from time to time on the moderated (and therefore recommended) comp.compilers newsgroup including in the language tools catalog.


Versions of PRECCX are available for use under UNIX (e.g., on a Sun workstation) in gzip (compressed) tar format and also for use on a PC under MS-DOS as several zip format files.

A Z notation grammar is available in info-zip format and gzipped Unix tar format for use with PRECC. The former is suitable for use under DOS, apart from the Unix makefile. See PRECC support for parsing the Z notation.

See new Web interface to PRECC 2.* (PRECCX) CVS Tree.


Please note that PRECCX under continual development and is available on an as is basis, although comments are of course welcome.


The following online documentation is available:

See also the PRECC examples above.

Papers and reports[]

The following papers and report concerned with PRECC have been published and/or are available online:

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For further information, please contact Peter Breuer on or Jonathan Bowen.

See also Spanish site.

Part of the REDO project archive.