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ProCoS mailing list

Last meeting: ProCoS Workshop, London, UK, 9-10 March 2015
Previous meeting: ProCoS Workshop, FM'99 World Congress on Formal Methods, Toulouse, France, 22 September 1999

Last Working Group meeting: 5th ProCoS-WG Working Group Meeting
University of Reading, UK, 7–9 April 1997

Last "Keep In Touch" meeting: ESPRIT-KIT 010 Wrap-up Workshop, UNU/IIST, Macau, 25–29 May 1998

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This resource provides links to information relevant to various projects and other initiatives conducting research in the area of Provably Correct Systems, mainly with European ESPRIT support unless otherwise stated:

Some mainly older on-line files are available via anonymous FTP with an index and a README file. Information on the related UK safemos project is also available.

A summary of the ProCoS II project published in the Bulletin of the EATCS (10 pages) and another produced for a project review (13 pages) are available, together with a 2-page summary of the Working Group. A more technical overview (12 pages) of the project may also be found online.

ProCoS supported ZUM'94, FTRTFT'94, ZUM'95 and ZUM'97. Many ProCoS personnel attended the Dagstuhl Seminar on the Steam Boiler Control Specification Problem, 5–9 June 1995.

See also information on archives of on-line project documents and publications from the ProCoS II project's partner sites:

Personnel involved with ProCoS at Oxford, the original coordinating site, included Prof. C.A.R. Hoare and Prof. He Jifeng. Joan Arnold was the project and Working Group secretary. Jonathan Bowen leads the Centre for Applied Formal Methods at London South Bank University, and continues to manage an informal [ProCoS-WG|working group] of partners.

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Centre for Applied Formal Methods, London South Bank University. Maintained by Prof. Jonathan Bowen.