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REDO project archive

This archive contains information relevant to the ESPRIT II REDO project (no. 2487, 1989–1992) concerned with software maintenance and reverse engineering. Some files and tools are available via anonymous FTP. An index and a README file are available.

See also PRECCX compiler compiler.


The main OUCL project personnel were:


There are bibliographies of project reports and publications in BibTeX database format, some of which are available on-line. The following may be of particular interest:

Note that for published journal papers, only the original drafts are available online. See the journal for the final (improved) versions.

The REDO Compendium

Books and reports[]

  • The REDO Compendium: Reverse Engineering for Software Maintenance, edited by H.J. van Zuylen (John Wiley & Sons, 1993, ISBN 0-471-93607-3) summarizes the work of the entire project. Order from Amazon UK or Amazon USA.
  • Reverse Engineering and Software Maintenance: A Practical Approach by Kevin Lano and Howard Haughton (McGraw-Hill, International Series in Software Engineering, 1993, ISBN 0-07-707897-7) was completed largely as a result of experience gained on the project.

Other OUCL Technical Reports by Jonathan Bowen, Peter Breuer and Kevin Lano are available. (E.g., see The REDO project: final report.) OUCL and REDO project reports are available from the OUCL librarian (email [mailto:]).

Further work[]

  • Generating Decompilers, Peter Breuer (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Jonathan Bowen. RUCS Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, The University of Reading, October 1998.


A PRECCX compiler compiler tool was produced on the project and is available on-line. After the end of the REDO project, the company Piercom commercialized some of the tools initially developed on the project.

Other related work[]

For further information, please contact Jonathan Bowen.