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Towards Verified Systems

Jonathan Bowen, editor

Elsevier, Real-Time Safety Critical Systems series, volume 2

322 pages. ISBN 0-444-89901-4 Hardbound. Publication: October 1994.

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The book Towards Verified Systems, edited by J.P. Bowen, is available as volume 2 in the book series on Real-Time Safety Critical Systems (Series Editor: Hussein Zedan) published by Elsevier Science B.V. It documents the main results of the safemos project.

The contributors are:

The table of contents, foreword, preface and contact addresses are available online. The book includes two appendices documenting related work undertaken at Computational Logic Inc. (CLInc), Austin, Texas, USA, and on the first phase of the collaborative European ProCoS project on Provably Correct Systems.

For a shorter (and free!) overview of the project, see:

Jonathan Bowen, He Jifeng, Roger Hale and John Herbert, Towards Verified Systems: The SAFEMOS Project. In C. Mitchell and V. Stavridou (eds.), The Mathematics of Dependable Systems, Oxford University Press, The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Conference Series, volume 55, pages 23–48, 1995.

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For further information, please contact Jonathan Bowen.