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Z User Group: Constitution

Monday, 14th December 1992

1. The Group shall be known as the Z User Group.

2. The aims of the group are

  • to further the study, use and development of Z;
  • to organize regular meetings of users and potential users of Z;
  • to publish papers presented at Z User Meetings and other papers of interest to Z users;
  • to establish and maintain contacts with other groups with similar interests.

3. Activities of the group will be managed by an organising committee. Officers of the committee will include: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

4. Membership of the Z User Group is open to those who express an interest. A membership list is maintained and may be used for circulating information about group activities. A charge may be made for membership to cover postage and similar running costs of the group.

5. There will be an Annual General Meeting at which the committee and officers for the following year will be appointed. Other meetings may be held as needed.

6. The Treasurer will maintain accounts and present them at least once a year at a General Meeting. Provision will be made, at the General Meeting, for independent auditing of the accounts.

7. The income and property of the Group shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims of the Group as set out in this Constitution and no portion shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of interest, dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profits to members of the Group.

8. Members of the group are not personally liable for debts and liabilities of the Group, which is only liable to the extent of its assets.

Installed by Jonathan Bowen.